Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR)


Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR) believes that knowledge empowers people to do great things in this world. We also believe that you needn’t put your life on halt to gain that knowledge.

India is the first country in the World to legislate Corporate Social Responsibility through Companies Act 2013. The Companies Act 2013 has introduced several new provisions which change the face of Indian Corporate Business, one of such new provisions is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As per India Company law 2013, It is mandatory for companies to adopt a business – like approach and to create a strategic CSR framework, that leads to socio-economic development and curb environmental issues by promoting sustainable and scientific solutions, but where does these sustainable solutions come from? It comes from education in CSR, which lay seeds for better tomorrow and help fighting economic, social and environmental difficulties. The concept has evolved as a result of socio-economic deficits and provides a framework to survival and sustainability. Skilled CSR graduate plants the seed of better tomorrow, by thinking intensively innovative, welcoming and promoting social changes and evolve as productive leaders.

We at Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR) are adding our bit to the government’s vision of increased higher education enrolments and promotion of CSR through our online distance learning skill enhancement diploma. CSR education is the mother of new society and every corporation employee should have at least mid-level knowledge of CSR so that corporation can perform a better CSR instead of Just a CSR. At JNICSR, we enlighten and empower to current and budding professionals with knowledge, people and business skills to excel as leaders in socially responsible corporates. Our graduates are able to think progressively and contextually while integrating values, skills and acumen into better decision making process. With a minimal fees structure, we provide access to quality education in an evolving and mature field across populations and geographies. With our triple pillars Exploration, Equality and Excellence, we create skilled professionals to meet triple bottom line of corporates which is People, Planet and Profit. Teaching community development, socially responsible investment and CSR, in order to prepare students for socially responsible employment. Sustainability and CSR are increasingly important for professionals to address.

We believe by adding a skill to your current education will not only increase your potential, but will also help them to think and implement more progressively and contextually while integrating imbibed values, job core functions and acumen into better decision making. This will not only improve your CSR practices, but increased access to corporate sustainability will take them to superlative level of performance.

JNICSR Times Vol 3 | Issue 1 (Latest Launch)