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JNICSR is a private academically independent, self-financed and autonomous not for profit trust registered under the Trust Act 1882, Govt of NCT Delhi. The institute is neither affiliated to any university nor has sought de-jure recognition for its academic programmes from any statutory body. The institute is known for designing unique certificate programmes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The placements JNICSR certified students get, the kind of research works it does and its best magazine that the people love is the tremendous market recognition that JNICSR is proud of. Students who are concerned about statutory recognition need not apply for the programme.

Students must categorically know that JNICSR does not teach any degree programmes (nor does it give any degrees or has given any degrees ever) though JNICSR is often ranked in CSR-School rankings. JNICSR is proud of its ranking though it does not participate in any ranking. These rankings are mostly perception based. JNICSR teaches its own programmes in CSR and is an institution for CSR excellence.

JNICSR currently certify only One Year Programmes in CSR that it’s faculty members have designed for CSR aspirants. The same is reflected in the programme and admissions link in this website. Only details written in the programme link, admissions link or the prospectus of the current year is applicable to students.

Disclaimer : There is only one official site of JNICSR and that is this site We are also aware that there are sites which give wrong info on JNICSR. Readers may note that these sites do not belong to JNICSR and mislead students. We are not responsible for these sites or any such sites which crop up in future. JNICSR will regularly try to track such sites and ask them to take info on JNICSR off those sites however Internet is a medium where all kinds of false information is floated by others including our competitors to mislead students. Please do not be mislead by any such sites. JNICSR is a private autonomous body that imparts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) education and doesn’t provide degrees which only universities can provide. JNICSR has never claimed to be an university nor claimed to give degrees.