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Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR)

Jawaharlal Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR) believes that knowledge empowers people to do great things in this world. We also believe that you needn’t put your life on halt to gain that knowledge.

India is the first country in the World to legislate Corporate Social Responsibility through Companies Act 2013. The Companies Act 2013 has introduced several new provisions which change the face of Indian Corporate Business, one of such new provisions is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As per India Company law 2013, It is mandatory for companies to adopt a business – like approach and to create a strategic CSR framework, that leads to socio-economic development and curb environmental issues by promoting sustainable and scientific solutions, but where does these sustainable solutions come from? It comes from education in CSR, which lay seeds for better tomorrow and helps fight economic, social and environmental difficulties. The concept has evolved as a result of socio-economic deficits and provides a framework to survival and sustainability. Skilled CSR graduate plants the seed of better tomorrow, by thinking intensively innovative, welcoming and promoting social changes and evolve as productive leaders. Read More…

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Career in CSR : WHAT, HOW, WHEN & WHERE | CSR qualified manpower can help world to fight COVID-19

‘CSR will be a new domain for budding and working professionals’ – JNICSR Foundation What is csr? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term that encompasses ways companies can take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business. It includes sustainability, diversity and inclusion, human rights, ethical business practices, volunteerism, philanthropy, cause-related marketing […]



Just Good Education : From learning to value creation
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” – Sydney J. Harris The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education – Martin Luther King Jr The only person who is educated is the one […]



The total CSR spending by the top 500 companies in the country since the applicability of mandatory CSR in 2014 is likely to cross Rs 50,000 crore by March 2019, said a report. The total corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending by the top 500 companies in the country since the applicability of mandatory CSR in […]

Career & Opportunities in CSR


What is csr?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term that encompasses ways companies can take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business. It includes sustainability, diversity and inclusion, human rights, ethical business practices, volunteerism, philanthropy, cause-related marketing and activism.

What CSR means in India?

India is the first country in the world to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandatory, following an amendment to the Companies Act, 2013 in April 2014. Businesses can invest their profits in areas such as education, poverty, gender equality and hunger as part of any CSR compliance.

“referred to in section 135 :”CSR Policy” relates to the activities to be undertaken by the company as specified in Schedule VII to the Act and the expenditure thereon, excluding activities undertaken in pursuance of normal course of business of a company.”

Section 135 also states ‘Every company having net worth of rupees five hundred crore or more, or turnover of rupees one thousand crore or more or a net profit of rupees five crore or more during immediately preceding financial year shall constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board…’

Is CSR really CSR in India?

The corporates have often misunderstood the thrust of CSR and have borne the brunt of it.

CSR in India is a result of the 2013, Companies Act. India is one of the few countries in the world to have a dedicated CSR act. In fact, it is the first to have brought about a legislation to implement CSR activities, followed by United Kingdom

Why do we need CSR Professionals at all?

With many companies being penalised for not spending the CSR fund properly, it has become mandatory for the companies to employ good csr professionals .

To be able to manage the ambiguity in CSR is having a good working knowledge of the issues that it covers, good enough that you understand the principles and can apply them to different circumstances. These typically cover areas such as the environment, human rights, diversity and equal opportunities (no, they’re not the same thing) and a range of issues such as education or homelessness as they affect your own communities.

How to provide CSR education in India?

CSR is a tricky concept in India as often corporates consider spending money on Literacy and NGOs’ as csr activities.

A good CSR also includes a neighbourhood concept where by sustainable development is balanced by giveaway to immediate surroundings in the form of eco friendly movement, Gender, schooling, water facilities etc.

Training employees or candidates for CSR endeavours requires a readiness and proactive need only wholistic courses can provide.

What should a good CSR course have?

A good CSR course believes in adding skills  to one’s current education. It will not only increase one’s potential, but will also help them to think and implement more progressively and contextually while integrating imbibed values, job core functions and acumen into better decision making. This will not only improve current CSR practices, but increased access to corporate sustainability will take them to superlative level of performance.

Where to look for while doing CSR?

CSR education is the mother of new society and every corporation employee should have at least mid-level knowledge of CSR so that corporation can perform a better CSR instead of Just a CSR. At JNICSR, we enlighten and empower to current and budding professionals with knowledge, people and business skills to excel as leaders in socially responsible corporates.

Our graduates are able to think progressively and contextually while integrating values, skills and acumen into better decision making process. With a minimal fees structure, we provide access to quality education in an evolving and mature field across populations and geographies. With our triple pillars Exploration, Equality and Excellence, we create skilled professionals to meet triple bottom line of corporates which is People, Planet and Profit. Teaching community development, socially responsible investment and CSR, in order to prepare students for socially responsible employment. Sustainability and CSR are increasingly important for professionals to address.


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Dear Sir, Thanks for your support, JNICSR, specially Mr Nikhil sir. Whenever I have called him for support, for new ideas, he was always there. He always cleared my doubts no matter how silly it was. The 2 months of EPGDCSR was so the best 2 months in my life. The content was so rich that I have learnt a lot of things.
As an Student or an individual or even as a Professional, I am never short of Shining Crystal vocabulary for this individual (Nikhil), who is the mastermind behind this prestigious Institute we memorize as JNICSR. I, being an employee of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, always had this hunger to learn maximum
“You will laugh, you will cry, you will eat your heart out (and tear your hair out), you will curse the world in general and Nikhil sir in particular (for his repeated reminders for the assignment submission), you will learn what anaphora and asyndeton of Corporate Social Responsibility. are. Seriously, this is the course
I thank you for the support you have extended to me during the 2 months EPGDCSR and encouraged me to complete the course on time. I feel I should share my learning experience to others who are willing to take up courses related to CSR. Kindly accept my testimonial in this regard.


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Opportunity Is Knocking, And By Knocking, We Mean Unapologetically Kicking Down The Door Shouting “JUST Be Your Own Boss Already!” We did, and haven’t looked back since. Want to join us? JNICSR is coming up with a new idea of CSR Education Institution Startup. Then take this rare opportunity to finally work for yourself and have ownership in a proven concept that is changing the face of the CSR Education industry. 

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