Swadeshi Shiksha

The Day a power of Brain overrules a power of Heart,
India will understand the “UNITY”.


JNICSR in association with S. Corpotech Enterprises is introducing the concept of “Swadeshi Shiksha” – An Saral Educational Start-up.

भारत अग्रसर, शिक्षा पथ पर I

Unlike hard skills, which can be proven and measured, soft skills are intangible and difficult to quantify. For example – Leadership, verbal communication.

Study Offline, Exam Online

Study Offline consists –

  1. Study material will be sent by Speed- Post at Home address.
  2. After the completion of study material, practical and project material will be sent.
  3. Student has to submit practical / project report to us by Speed-Post.

Exam Online consists – Online exam would be conducted at website portal, after the submission of project report.

Features of the courses which are introducing for Indian Youth –

  1. Empowering Skills
  2. Multi-Skill Enhancement
  3. Knowledge Oriented
  4. Sustainable skills development
  5. Qualitative courses instead of Quantitative
  6. Self-realization courses
  7. Critical Observation
  8. Increase potential to grow at workplace
  9. Understanding of Indian Economy
  10. Basics of Politics