What is the process after the enrolment?

Ans: After the successful enrolment, the student will receive Personal Login ID for the access to the JNICSR website.

How will i get the study material and any other admission details?

Ans: Course Material (Book) will be accessible through Login ID along with the Enrolment details.

When and where will examination be held?

Ans: Examination will be conducted twice a year (end of 6 months semesterly) from the date of the start of the enrolment. Examination will be held online.

How will I be intimated of the result?

And: The result will be accessible on the JNICSR website.

When will i get my certificate?

Ans: The certificate distribution will happen during the annual Convocation Ceremony.

Who do I approach for the queries ?

Ans: Student Online Support available 24X7.

Where will i get the internship?

Ans: internship will be with Non Government Organisations across India.

Will i get the certificate of internship?

Ans: Yes.