We am looking for opportunities to work in CSR but I don’t know how and from where to start.

Ans: Glad to know about your interest in to domain of CSR. We would love to tell you that CSR is a very upcoming and very growing sector, so thinking to opt a career in CSR is a very progressive decision. Just to update you that in 2014 many of organisation recruited a non CSR qualified manpower. Their CSR wings initiated many initiatives, which went wrong in yearly financial auditing and this thing happen just because they are not CSR educated. So now all the organisation are only looking forward for CSR qualified manpower and if you have a diploma in CSR with a formal traditional education will definitely create over an edge and gives you far better understanding of CSR.

So first if you are not CSR qualified then must enrol for CSR programme and then later you will automatically eligible for the CSR domain.

What is the process after the enrolment?

Ans: After the successful enrolment, JNICSR will send you a official acknowledgment of the receiving of the document with the fee submission & the student will receive Personal Login ID for the access to the JNICSR website, where they can get a access to the course content..

How will i get the study material and any other admission details?

Ans: Course Material (Book) will be accessible through Login ID along with the Enrolment details.

When and where will examination be held?

Ans: JNICSR will intimate you via email your examination Date. Examination will be conducted by JNICSR as per the student programmes. twice a year (end of 6 months semesterly) or end of the year.  From the date of the start of the enrolment. Examination will be held online.

How will I be intimated of the result?

Ans: The result will be accessible on the JNICSR website.

Does AICTE/UGC recognize JNICSR’s programme in CSR?

Ans: No. JNICSR has never sought recognition from any statutory bodies and is proud of its world class course contents. Students bothered about statutory recognition of JNICSRs programmes need not apply to JNICSR. The exceptional education that JNICSR imparts and the excellent placements offered to JNICSR certified graduates year after year is proof of the massive industry recognition of JNICSR’s courses.

When will i get my certificate?

Ans: The certificate distribution will happen during the annual Convocation Ceremony.

Who do I approach for the queries ?

Ans: Student Online Support available 24X7.

Where will i get the internship?

Ans: internship will be with Non Government Organisations across India.

Will i get the certificate of internship?

Ans: Yes.

Do u have any distance course ?

Ans: Yes our all courses are on Distance mode. (JNICSR is a online and Asia’s first paperless  education institution.)

I completed masters in social work. so is their any diploma after masters?

Ans: Yes, we have Post Graduation Diploma in CSR for Senior professionals.

Does JNICSR award an degree? 

Ans: No. JNICSR only gives Diploma Certificate in JNICSR. JNICSR programs are in CSR and not degree. In India degrees can be awarded only by universities and therefore just like the IIMs, even JNICSR (which is not an university) does not offer an degree. Our courses being superior in contents to regular CSR programmes does not merit the same either. In fact JNICSR has never sought any kind of statutory recognition from any government body ever. The value of the JNICSR certificate lies in the excellent Course content and also placements that JNICSR students get year after year and in the no. of students who put their faith in the JNICSR programme every year.

Is placements guaranteed to JNICSR certified students? 

Ans: Not Even the Prime Minister of the country can’t guarantee jobs. Jobs depend upon the economic situation of the country at a given point of time. However past experience suggests that about 70 percent of students joining JNICSR programmes every year opt for placements as the others end up joining their own businesses or start their own ventures or go for further studies.  JNCISR programmes do not have a maximum interview criteria for any student. Students are given a chance to sit for interviews till they get placed.